Freeform Solutions


Freeform Solutions is a not-for-profit social enterprise dedicated to helping other not-for-profit organizations understand and employ technology appropriately and effectively to support their missions. Our mission is to provide flexible consulting, website development, and hosting solutions that give you peace of mind and help you stay focused on your mission.

Founded in 2003, Freeform Solutions works with not-for-profits, both small and large, to help them achieve their goals in new ways. Rather than simply doing work on demand, Freeform Solutions works hard to partner with client organizations, to understand their needs from the inside out. We feel strongly that this allows us to provide the highest level of service, in the same way clients would themselves, if they had the capacity in-house.

Drupal is an important part of our work, by enabling us to leverage open source technologies and the community, to help our clients, and avoid costly activities, such as programming. Instead, Drupal let's us focus on understanding client processes in detail, so we can provide complete solutions that are integrated with the way people actually work.

Some of Freeform Solutions' more recognizable clients include: Oxfam Canada, Amnesty International Canada, the Edmonton Food Bank, the Arthritis Society of Ontario, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and the Centre for Social Innovation. We have also worked with national charitable foundations, and with departments and faculties at several universities, including the University of Toronto, the University of Victoria, the University of Western Ontario, and McMaster University.

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