2bits.com, Inc. is a Drupal consulting company based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada providing Drupal services to clients mainly in the USA, Europe and Canada, as well as other clients globally.

2bits.com, Inc offers the following services to clients world wide.

Performance and Scalability Services

As your web site grows, it needs special care in order to stay online for visitors in case of a limited failure, to be tuned and optimized so it stays fast, and to cope with increased traffic. Our company provides a range of services for such situations.

The most common service is Performance Assessment Service, which can be provided in either of two phases:

  • Phase 1: Web Application Audit and Stress Test
  • Phase 2: Live Hosting environment Audit

Dedicated Servers Installation, Configuration and Tuning

Many of our clients have benefited greatly when we setup the servers for them from scratch. We work with you to find how many servers and what configuration is needed for each number of CPUs, memory size, number of disks and size of disks, ...etc.)

After your host installs Linux, we take over and install the rest of the entire LAMP stack (Apache, MySQL, PHP) and tune them for optimal performance.

We also setup additional software for performance monitoring, statistics and tuning so the future

High Availability Services

Depending on your needs, 2bits.com, Inc can implement a redundant, high availability setup for your site so that if one component is down (e.g. a disk, a server or an entire data center), the site is still available to the visitors with minimal service interruption.

We can also setup the site on two geographically separate data centers (e.g. USA and UK), so that if one data center loses connectivity or has other issues, the workload is shifted to the hot standby site.

Managed High Availability, Performance and Scalability Service Retainer

For many clients we can manage the technical infrastructure to insure optimal performance and scalability for a monthly fee.

The extent of the part we manage does vary from one client to the other, depending on their specific needs.

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