Win with Drupal: Windows tools for Drupal users

Philip Kiff

This session will briefly demonstrate some of the best native Windows software tools available for working with Drupal.

I'll start off by showing you how to use nPackd to install most of the software listed below in about 10 minutes. Then I'll walk through some basic configuration and usage tips for each tool.

The focus will be on free, preferably open source and cross-platform software available in native Windows installation packages. I will not be covering the use of virtual machines, which allow you to run native Linux software on your Windows machine. Nor will I spend time arguing that any particular native Windows software tool is better than its Linux/Mac counterpart. This session assumes that you want to use native Windows software and Windows ports of popular Linux software, regardless of the reason why. Some time may be spent on the pros and cons of selecting the tools listed below over other comparable native Windows options.

Preliminary list of tools to be covered:

  • nPackd (an awesome Windows package manager)
  • 7-zip or IZarc (for .zip and .tar extraction)
  • Notepad++ (for PHP, CSS, HTML editing)
  • FileZilla (for FTP)
  • WAMP Server or XAMPP (for Apache/MySQL/PHP)
  • SMTP4Dev (a local SMTP mail monitor tool)
  • KDiff (for diff)
  • Git Extensions (for git)
  • Compass and Ruby (for SASS)
  • Drush for Windows (for Drush)

No prior Drupal knowledge needed. And indeed, while I will use Drupal examples throughout, the software I demonstrate could easily be used for lots of other web development projects.

While aimed at "Beginner" Drupal users, some configuration details for certain packages may require an "Intermediate" or "Advanced" understanding of Windows.

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