Rapid Prototyping with Bootstrap

Sean Rioux

In this session we'll cover techniques for rapid prototyping of web applications and content focused sites using Bootstrap, comparing the unique strengths and best use cases for both Bootstrap and Kalatheme (Bootstrap based Drupal themes).

The session will first explore techniques for prototyping of web applications using Bootstrap (using the example of a simple collaborative note taking application). Here we'll look at:

  1. Integrating Bootstrap on the front end and with common site building tools (Display Suite, Views) and discuss some modules to extend that (Icon API, Bootstrap Field Group, Bootstrap Views)
  2. Using Bootstrap to enhance the content editing experience
  3. Choosing 'prototyping friendly' modules, and building 'Bootstrap friendly' Features to reduce time wasted on configuration and integration.

The session will also explore using the pairing of Kalatheme and Panopoly to rapidly prototype a 'one page' or layout focused content site. Here will look at:

  1. Integrating a front end focused content editing experience (including drag and drop layout, in place content creation, and in-place editing)
  2. Discuss building a library of Bootstrap ready Panels layouts
  3. Using Bootstrap to enhance the dynamic feel of a one page site (modals, carousels, tooltips).
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