Paddling Upstream from the Waterfall to Consultancy Scrum


How we're making the transition and what we're learning along the way.

As you start investigating agile methodologies for your Drupal shop, you will discover that the majority of blog posts and tech talks fall into one of these categories:

  • They're talking about agile for a product company, like a tech start-up where the stakeholders and development team are within the same company. A single entity might be in control of both the purse strings, and the people writing the code.  Most of their advice will lead you astray when you're in the consultancy world where clients control the budgets, but vendors control the resources.
  • They've been doing consultancy scrum for the last 10yrs. While the underlying concepts and theories sound great, understanding those is the easy part.  The hard part of consultancy scrum is where the rubber meets the road.  What you really need are examples of other firms trying to make the leap.

This presentation will cover our story:

  1. Where we came from? What problems did we have that prompted us to investigate consultancy scrum?
  2. What have we figured out so far? What have we changed, and how does it help us?  What are the toughest parts of making the transition?
  3. What still needs work? What are we going to change next?

Some areas that we'll dive into:

  • Adjusting the structure of the team
  • Changes to the estimation and intake process
  • Partners and clients that just can't get out of a waterfall mindset
  • Getting developers beyond the 'rules' of scrum to a place of empowerment
  • ...and more
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