Component-Based Web Design


Experienced front end developers spontaneously transform static design files into complete Drupal themes without realizing all of the little steps their brain takes to achieve the final solution. In this session we’ll reveal the step-by-step strategies and techniques needed to pull apart a static design file, and rebuild it as a Drupal theme. You will learn the principles behind:

  • style guides and interface design patterns
  • libraries for rapid front end development
  • object-oriented CSS with SASS and Compass
  • extracting useful assets from static design files

This session gives a high-level overview of the front end development process. It is not a thorough tutorial, but rather it shows the role of each of the different technologies used by front end developers today. This session is perfect not only for those interested in learning front end development, but also for project managers who want to improve their team’s process for designer-to-coder tasks.

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