5 Reasons Mobile Sucks (But it's Still the Future)


I spent five months last year using only an Android tablet, and an iPod Touch. No PC, no laptop, just "mobile." I've almost recovered.

After some time and distance, I have collated the horror stories into five areas:

  • mobile websites
  • app and OS updates
  • abdication of OS responsibilities
  • file (un)management
  • UI/usability failings left, right and centre

Don't believe the hype, mobile may be the future, but a complete switchover is way further off than it has to be, because short term gain (apps) is threatening the long term viability of the platform. Mobile devices could replace most desktops and almost all laptops in ten years or less, but instead it's going to take 20 years at least in my opinion.

I would like to continue the healing process by having a frank discussion of the truth about mobile. This talk will *not* be a lecture, I want to share my story and kick off an open conversation.

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