Propose a Session!

We're ready to begin accepting your session proposals for DrupalCamp Toronto 2014!

Head over to our Propose a Session form now and submit your idea for a great presentation at this year's conference.

(Update: some session proposals have already been submitted. Check them out!)

What kind of session proposals are we hoping to receive for this year's conference? Here are a few hints!


Design oriented sessions always receive the highest number of votes each year. There's an obvious desire for attendees to learn about the elements of designing with Drupal, so we'd love to receive a lot of session proposals on the topics of theming, mobile, accessibility and more.

Drupal 8

Drupal 8 will be released soon and we'd like to feature several sessions about it. Submitting a Drupal 8 session will almost certainly guarantee a good slot for your session!

Drupal 101

We always have a large number of attendees who are new to Drupal. Also, many attendees are using other CMSs and want to know why we're using Drupal or want to see simple live demonstrations about the basics. Don't be afraid to demonstrate an introduction to Views or top modules - there is an audience waiting to see those sessions!


This one is easy, because we always receive a healthy compliment of development oriented sessions each year. Keep 'em coming!

So what are you waiting for? Submit your great idea for a session now!