Proposed Sessions

Session Speaker(s) Track Experience Level
5 Reasons Mobile Sucks (But it's Still the Future) jegelstaff

I spent five months last year using only an Android tablet, and an iPod Touch. No PC, no laptop, just "mobile." I've almost recovered.

Business Beginner
Be Ready to Drupal 8: OOP Introduction Nafes

Drupal 8 makes a significant transition to object oriented programming (OOP).
This session will provide an introduction to OOP.

Topics covered:

Drupal 8 Intermediate
Behaviour Driven Development Henrik Bechmann

Behaviour Driven Development emerged in the late 2000’s out of Test Driven Development, as the next step in folding heightened focus into the production process.

Development Beginner
Caching and Drupal, From Zero to Hero lbainbridge

Drupal as an application framework is a very powerful tool, but we can all learn something about optimizing our applications through effective caching strategies.

Development Intermediate
Component-Based Web Design emmajane

Experienced front end developers spontaneously transform static design files into complete Drupal themes without realizing all of the little steps their brain takes to achieve the final solution...

Design Beginner
Creating a User-Friendly Search UI with Drupal pixelite

Drupal's Search API and Facet API modules give you lots of tools for creating useful search interfaces with Drupal. In this session, we'll look at some examples of search UI, and talk about how to...

Design Intermediate
D8 Theme System: hook_theme() to Twig Template Cottser

The Twig templating engine is in Drupal 8 and has generated a lot of excitement. Many passionate contributors have stepped up during the Drupal 8 development cycle to not only convert Drupal’s...

Drupal 8 Intermediate
Decoupled Drupal adewinne

The Golden Hammer can be defined as an architecture, a solution or a software tool that is believed to be the best solution for every software problem/project. Drupal can be and is often seen as...

Development Intermediate
Drupal 8: Configuration Management Chris Luckhardt

Drupal 8 introduces a significant change to the configuration system. All of Drupal's configuration information has been moved out of the database and into human-readable files, which will provide...

Drupal 8 Intermediate
Drupal 8: OOP and Interfaces Nafes

One of important object-oriented programming (OOP) principles is: "Program to an interface, not an implementation." Drupal 8 definitely follows this principle.

Drupal 8 Advanced
Drupal as an API Layer arvinsingla

The RESTful API components introduced in Drupal 8 allow us to completely decouple Drupal from the front end and use it as purely an API layer. This allows us to use Drupal in many different ways...

Drupal 8 Intermediate
Drupal Performance, Tips and Tricks kbahey

What can you do to make your site faster?

What is performance anyway?

How is it different from scalability?

Are they related?

How many simultaneously logged in...

Development Beginner
Fearless Development with Vagrant gboudrias

You've most likely heard of Vagrant by now. It's the command-line tool that allows you to "create and configure lightweight, reproducible, and portable development environments."

Development Intermediate
Getting Started with Drupal 8 Theming pixelite

We've all been hearing about the exciting new changes to Drupal 8. In this session, we'll take a hands-on look and how to make a theme in Drupal 8 and what you get out-of-the-box.


Drupal 8 Intermediate
Git Usage in Drupal Development Nafes

Git is an important tool for Drupal developer. This session will introduce Git usage including Git repositories on

Topics covered:

Development Beginner
How to Make Non-Tech-Geeks Love Drupal kwit7

Drawing from my experience of taking an organization from the HTML dark ages into the exciting world of CMS, let me show you some tips and tricks to overcome questions like "So what is a Drupal...

Business Beginner
Intentional Site Building: the Evolution of Drupal User Advocate

There is a natural relationship between a client’s intent for their website and the shape of the site’s Information Architecture.

Design Intermediate
Introduction to Drupal 8 Chris Luckhardt

As the big man with the spikey hair has often said, "Drupal 8 will be ready when its ready".

Despite the ambiguity of Dries' statement, Drupal 8 will be released soon and there's no better...

Drupal 8 Beginner
Lessons From 10 Years Building a Drupal Dev Shop jegelstaff

I co-founded Freeform Solutions 11 years ago, and I first heard about Drupal a year later. Today, we have 13 full time staff and we do dozens of projects a year (most involve Drupal, but not all...

Business Beginner
Lingotek + Drupal = The Power to Translate bullweber

Now it's easy to quickly translate your content directly from Drupal using the new Lingotek - Inside for Drupal module. Your users will be able to access translated content, nominate content for...

Development Beginner
Merlin: Automatic Site Builder and Tester churel

Merlin is a new module built for Drupal 7. From a template spreadsheet, you can automatically build an entire Drupal website. All the content types, fields and other components are built on the...

Development Intermediate
Migrating into Drupal 8 Ryan Weal

The migrate module is now part of core! This means that migrate is no longer a secondary option when upgrading your sites to Drupal 8, but is in fact the preferred route for upgrading. The...

Drupal 8 Intermediate
Mobile Design in 2014 and Beyond jarchowk

Mobile has caught the largest web companies off guard, but how? This talk explores how mobile has subtly, and radically, changed the way we now use the web, and we can best plan our next web...

Design Intermediate
Paddling Upstream from the Waterfall to Consultancy Scrum dalin

How we're making the transition and what we're learning along the way.

Business Intermediate
Rapid Prototyping with Bootstrap Sean Rioux

In this session we'll cover techniques for rapid prototyping of web applications and content focused sites using Bootstrap, comparing the unique strengths and best use cases for both Bootstrap and...

Design Advanced
Responsive Theming with Aurora, SASS & BEM Syntax afoster

Front-end web design has become a lot more complicated in the last few years and our trusty old css + text editor doesn’t really cut it for modern web design.

Design Advanced
Selling Online with Drupal Commerce yaworsk

This session will walk you through developing a site with Commerce. We'll start with creating products, setting up displays, and configuring a checkout. From there, we'll look at add-on modules...

Development Beginner
Show Views to your Designer and They'll Love You jorgediaz

Drupal has one of the most flexible presentation layers ever built for a CMS: Views. As the most used contributed module of the entire Drupal community, more than 700.000+ live sites use Views.

Design Beginner
Tackling Accessibility cspinbailey

Web Accessibility has always been an important topic within the Drupal community. Having a fully accessible website has many benefits in addition assisting people with disabilities.

Business Intermediate
Using Drupal to power SaaS: Lessons from Qasim Virjee

Drupal is often used to prototype web applications.  Often those prototypes themselves end up robust enough to become customer-facing services.

Business Intermediate
Win with Drupal: Windows tools for Drupal users Philip Kiff

This session will briefly demonstrate some of the best native Windows software tools available for working with Drupal.

Development Beginner