Name Job title Organisation Interests
gorf's picture
Amit Gundu Various Hat Wearer Government of Ontario
Patricia R's picture
Patricia Rodriguez UX Designer/Researcher Ontario government
ianferguson's picture
Ian Ferguson
annecheng's picture
Anne Cheng
denisgre's picture
Denis Grey Treasurer Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
hyggja's picture
Dan Webster
lamtrinh's picture
Lam Trinh
sunnywd's picture
Sunny Lee
courtvb's picture
Court Van Beek
Elisha Medeiros's picture
Elisha Medeiros
John's picture
John Chin
vlad.pavlovic's picture
Vlad Pavlovic Drupal Administrator/Developer University of Windsor
cmaltais's picture
Christian Maltais
deviantintegral's picture
Andrew Berry Senior Architect Lullabot's picture
Tom Walker President Nextide
TaniaSam's picture
Tania Samsonova
balleyne's picture
Blaise Alleyne
Wafaa Bass's picture
Wafaa Bass Inc's picture
Waran Nathans
cbruce's picture
Carmen Bruce